Petra Beltran (Teacher of Academic Riding White Horse Dressage):

"Mike's knowledge and enthusiasm for his work is exceptional... His professionalism
is remarkable... All my horses are sound, thanks to Mike."... read more

Hilary Bates (Three Day Event Competitor):

"I have been using Mike Hayward Horse Shoeing with great success for the last three years on my
upper level three day event horses. Since using Mike, my horses have been at the top of the Area 6
and National USEA leaderboards and have completed multiple FEI level competitions... Mike
is a true professional and I value that."  ... read more

Lynda Twomey  (Hunter/Jumper Competitor):

"He is highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable and provides truly excellent
service on a consistent basis... My horses are in training with Toni and Colin McIntosh,
veteran professional show jumpers... and they often comment on the high quality of
Mike's work."  ... read more

Eleanor Anderson (Pleasure Rider):

"One of our horses has navicular and the other has very soft white feet, but with Mike's help the horse with soft feet now goes barefoot, and the one with navicular seems really comfortable... both of our horses seem to be more comfortable now at 24 and 26 than they were at 10 and 12 when we first got them... When Mike first started working with our horses, the one with navicular had very little experience with hot shoes, and was pretty leery of the whole experience. Mike took it really slowly, and within three shoeings, Smokey was falling asleep in the middle of all the smoke and noise."  ... read more

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