I have a son named Jonny who is the light of my life. He was born in 2013. He has a love for animals just like his dad!  

Fanny was a rescue from the S.P.C.A and was found in a Kohl's parking lot at 2 weeks old.  She is best friends with Fred. They snuggle and nap together. Fanny is an epic hunter who leaves us fun surprises every now and then. 

Stinky is a three legged female domestic black and white cat. She is pretty crazy and loves lasers, shadows, toys, balls. The toys she loves the best belong to Fred. She loves taking my socks out of the sock drawer and taking them all around the house. Her best sock count is 18!

I have had Stinky since she was 6 weeks old.  She loves to sit on my lap and lick me, talk to the washer and dryer, and hide in the cupboards.  She is purrfect!

Fred is the best dog in the world! He goes everywhere with me. He enjoys coming to work with me every day.  He's not much of a shoer but he loves keeping all the animals (and humans) at the ranches company in between naps. 

Fred is a purebred Bassett, Beagle, German Shepherd! Well maybe not a purebred! But he does have the body of a Bassett Hound, the head of a Beagle and the coat and tail of a German Shepherd.  All those great breeds in an under 45lb package.  Purebred Fred! Fred has not met anyone he doesn't like.  On some days you may find Fred at the dog park, the beach or just hanging out with me. His life is far from ruff!