"The first shoeing appointment we ever had with Mike was on an Easter Sunday. We had never met before, but our horses needed him, so he and Tyler were there, first thing in the morning, no questions asked.  Since then he has become our trusted farrier and also a good friend.

The day before every appointment he checks in with a text, and on the morning of the appointment, he will text again with an ETA that is almost always right on the money. This from a guy with a very large client base, but he still manages to make each of us feel like we are his only customer.

One of our horses has navicular and the other has very soft white feet, but with Mike's help the horse with soft feet now goes barefoot, and the one with navicular seems really comfortable. Mike uses his exceptional skill, artistry and knowledge of horses to keep them sound, shoeing after shoeing, and if a shoe is lost, he replaces it at no cost, no matter how far he has to travel. His skill level is such that both of our horses seem to be more comfortable now at 24 and 26 than they were at 10 and 12 when we first got them.

When Mike first started working with our horses, the one with navicular had very little experience with hot shoes, and was pretty leery of the whole experience. Mike took it really slowly, and within three shoeings, Smokey was falling asleep in the middle of all the smoke and noise. He is as good a horseman as he is a farrier, and is as good with people as he is with horses. He has a great sense of humor as well, so I never wish I was somewhere else instead of holding my horses while they get worked on. (Sort of like being in the middle of a Monty Python skit!)

I am honored to be a client and a friend of Mike's, and trust him implicitly with my horses. (And he's a really good sport too, letting me get under foot all the time while I photograph him and his apprentices (and even his family) at work."

Elenor Anderson