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I provide the following services and tailor each shoeing to the specific needs of your horse:

  • Hot Shoeing  (learn more about hot shoeing and why it is important to the long term health of your horse's feet)
  • Cold Shoeing  (performed when the horse is unable to handle the sounds and smells of a hot shoeing)
  • Corrective/Therapeutic Shoeing  (to correct lameness, injury, and hoof diseases and imbalances)
  • Custom Made Shoes  (created by hand to meet the individual needs of your horse and/or discipline)
  • Glue On Shoes  (normally for therapeutic use)
  • Barefoot Trimming

About my fee structure:

I do not post a flat fee for shoeing services because each situation is different and will require materials and time that will need to be calculated at our initial consultation. Please contact me directly to discuss your horse's needs receive a price quote.

Fees and Billing Procedures:

  • Any unexpected changes in fees will be discussed before the work is started. Fee variations are due to horse's behavior, time and degree of correction needed.
  • PAYMENT IS DUE UPON COMPLETION OF WORK. Unless prior arrangements have been made, payment is due within 30 days after the date of service. If payment is not received, a $25 late fee will be charged (per horse) for every 30 days of late payment .
  • Returned check charge: $35
  • I accept checks, Paypal.Me/mikehayward and all major credit cards (for PayPal or credit card payments, please add an additional 3% to your bill.)
  • I will replace a lost shoe (can't be found) or a cast shoe (shoe that is found) as soon as possible. Except for foundered or certain seriously injured horses, a lost or cast shoe is not an emergency. I ask that you notify me at the earliest opportunity.
  • FOR OUT OF STATE OR COUNTRY CLIENTS: Travel expenses (transportation fees, parking, hotel, etc.) are due upon booking an appointment.