"I believe in working closely with other professionals in the horse industry. Together
as a team, we do our best to make sure your horses are sound, healthy and comfortable.
I strive hard to maintain these relationships because I feel that close cooperation and
communication with your veterinarians, your chiropractors, and other horse professionals,
is the best way to keep your horses in their optimal condition.
"         - Mike Hayward

Bob Smith - Hall of Fame Farrier, Founder and Director of Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School,
President of the American Farriers' Education Council:

"Mike Hayward is in the top 1% of all students who have graduated Pacific Coast Horseshoeing
School over the past 22 years. His dedication to the horse and his craft was exceptional while he
was a student and it is exceptional as a professional farrier."

Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School

Dr. Wayne Browning, DVM (Founder and Owner of Bayhill Equine Sports Medicine Practice):

"I have worked with Mike Hayward for several years. My practice is primarily limited to sports medicine,
and therefore I need a farrier that is up to date with the latest information regarding corrective shoeing
in addition to the normal basic shoeing. Mike has always been willing to offer insight and discuss
recommendations to do the best thing for the horse and his clients. It is important to have the
veterinarian and the farrier both working as a team and I feel that I have that relationship when
working with Mike. He truly strives to do the best job possible and not simply just to 'do it'."

Bayhill Equine Sports Medicine Practice

Leslie Norton (Equine Sports Massage Therapist):

"As an Equine Sports Massage Therapist in the Bay Area, I have the opportunity to work with a
large number of equine professionals. I have always enjoyed working with Mike Hayward and I
am always appreciative of the time he takes out of his own work to share his perspective or
answer any questions I may have on horses we both work on.

Mike Hayward earned my business but more importantly my trust and respect in 2009, when
I rescued my childhood show horse and very best friend, from a feedlot in Kansas. When my
horse arrived from Kansas, he was not only emaciated and on death's door but he was also
suffering from severe laminintis. At about eight o'clock that night, I made the frantic call to
Mike who was already on his way home and about an hour away from me and my horse. Within about 45 minutes of my call (don't mention this to the highway patrol!), Mike was at my barn. Mike spent the next few hours in complete darkness creating custom supportive shoes for my horse and I could see the difference in my horse that very night. Since that night, I have been a very happy client of Mike's and I am forever grateful not just for his professionalism, reliability and insatiable hunger for knowledge, but perhaps most importantly for what he does and for his compassion for the animals he works with."

 Bay Area Equine Massage