"I own four horses and Mike Hayward has been my farrier for many years. Mike loves the horses, is kind and gentle with them and they like him. He is highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable and provides truly excellent service on a consistent basis. Mike is also totally reliable, my horses are automatically on his schedule to be worked on every five weeks and I don't need to worry about making appointments or that my horses will not be taken care of.

My horses are in training with Toni and Colin McIntosh, veteran professional show jumpers with years of horsemanship experience, and they often comment on the high quality of Mike's work. The horses compete in hunter/jumper classes on the California circuit year round.

I have very rarely had to deal with a lost shoe over the years and have never had issues with hot nails or other problems associated with my horses' feet. My horses are sound, comfortable and happy after being shod. It is a testament to Mike's superior work.

One of my horses is a big klutz who catches his toe and constantly trips. Mike works to shape his feet to minimize the problem with good success. Mike is a great communicator and super nice guy, an absolute pleasure to deal with. I couldn't be happier with the work that Mike does and can highly recommend him."

Lynda Twomey