"As a dressage rider, I believe it is our duty and responsibility to be well educated in every aspect of horsemanship, because lack of knowledge can cause unintentional harm to the horses we love and cherish. Finding a knowledgeable, professional farrier is an important part of our responsibility to our horses. That's why it has been so refreshing to meet and work with a professional farrier like Mike Hayward.

He has been the farrier for all of my horses, from breeding stallions to young horses. He treats them gently, firmly and fairly, and they respond with respect. I admire his patience, which never waivers. All my horses are sound, thanks to Mike.

Mike's knowledge and enthusiasm for his work is exceptional. He discusses his ideas, concerns and problems in a way that works for everyone involved with the horses, including the veterinarian when necessary. His work goes beyond just trimming and shoeing-he really sculpts the hooves.

His professionalism is remarkable, as well. He calls you before his scheduled appointment and is always on time.

To become the best in what you love to do takes knowledge, hard work, and having a passion for your work:  That's Mike Hayward."

Petra Beltran